What does quality mean to us?

What does quality mean to us?

The highest uniform quality is an indispensable requirement for successful economic activity in the interest of the customers, employees, and shareholders. The Silicongear Quality Policy is our basis of commitment to provide our customers with world-class products.

In order guarantee this topnotch quality globally, our objective is therefore to work in accordance with the exact same technologies and certified standards at all of our products. Together with the target partners, we define quality criteria, and how they will be met. This applies to products, processes, and all services.

Our customers can rely on us: We do what we promise. That's quality made by Silicongear.

Quality at a glance

Quality is not something you add – it has to be built-in
Quality is a decisive competitive advantage. For this reason, quality is an integral part of the whole product lifecycle from development and production to delivery and associated product services.

It takes up to 1,200 manufacturing steps to go from the silicon wafer to the chip. Complex chemical and physical methods are employed in a highly automated production environment. On many of our products, conducting paths are microscopically small; a single dust particle could cause the chip to fail. The manufacturing process is subject to permanent electronic monitoring in order to ensure stability and achieve the goal of “zero defect”.

We live quality in our daily work – in our our labs and our offices

The mindset working towards “zero defect” is firmly established within the whole organization. Dedicated quality principles give additional guidance to our employees. The overarching aspiration of these principles is to always keep our commitments: it is our highest priority to deliver in compliance with the agreed functionality, reliability, time, volume and cost. Here the first prerequisite is to truly understand the customer and clearly define the requirements a product has to fulfill.

All employees act as quality advocates in their respective areas of responsibility. They are sensitive to deviations and are encouraged to always detect the underlying root cause in order to find a sustainable solution.