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"Time is not important, life is important.", Silicongear's style emphasizes "smart time management, balanced work life", Worker, not Hard Worker, you don't have to play "Who is late" game with everyone, nor It will be involved in the whirlpool of "work-sleep-work" because we don't measure whether you work hard or not because of the length of your company's time. We don't have to use the responsibility system to package excuses without overtime pay. Our excellent salary and benefits are focused on for your "brain power", not your "labor/work hours". "Work Life Balance" is our basic spirit.

At Silicongear, you are not just doing work, we are looking forward to your participation in creating the future of technological change; showing your wisdom and potential.

We offer exciting, challenging, and worthwhile work opportunities that allow you to develop your expertise in high technology. We are a company that changes the world. We are committed to hiring the best talent, providing the tools and resources they need, and the freedom to think.

104 Job Information
Reward extrinsic $
(Total Compensation)
Fix Pay Competitive salary, benefits and guaranteed year-end bonuses.
Variable Pay Performance bonuses, annual dividends, employee stock subscription plans, etc.
Reward for
Stock options are a tool to motivate talented people and accumulate personal wealth.
Reward extrinsic non-pecuniary Including status symbol, technical staff, corporate culture, humanized working environment.
Reward intrinsic task The nature of the work is consistent with the personality of the individual.
Reward intrinsic potency Affirmation and competence of self-ability.
Reward intrinsic mission A sense of mission for the ideal and dream.